Fleck is an internationally renowned German whip brand. Fleck whips have a pedigree heritage which dates back to 1870 and the brand today is the leading whip manufacturer around the globe.

The Fleck Whip collection ranges from riding, training and lunging whips through to show canes and in-hand whips and offers economy, professional or premium price pointing to suit all budgets. For every purpose, Fleck has the right item available. For every hand, it makes a suitable grip.

Fleck whips are handcrafted by experts to a contemporary design and reflect state-of-the-art technical developments.  Although Fleck use modern production techniques, many of their riding and driving whips still reflect their commitment to proven, traditional craftsmanship. Their wide range is topped off by exclusive and attractive innovations, such as the new triple dressage whip concept featuring an ergonomic grip and optimum balance, and many improved designs, such as the new assortment of Balance whips