USG Flexi Motion Body Protector Adults - black

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Body Protector »Flexi Motion«. The highly flexible Body Protectors with its newly developed block structure for optimum wearing comfort. Smaller triangular blocks allow maximum movability and adapts smoothly to the body’s shape. Width and Length can easily be adjusted by hook-and-loop-fastener on shoulder and in front. Flexi Motion is certified to the highest European standards EN13158-2018 Level 3 and BETA Level 3. Outer material made of stout, dirt repellent polyester which can be cleaned with damp cloth.

The Flexi Motion's name comes from the block structure system that makes up the body protector.  It is made from a number of shock absorbing foam panels that mould and flex to the shape of the rider's body, this flex also increases once the rider's body heat warms up the panels.  The Flexi Motion along with many of todays panelled body protectors feature quite a large range of size adjustment using shoulder and waist tape closures, these ensure the best possible fit and protection.

The outer material is made from polyester and is easily wiped clean.