Tech VENICE YOUNG childrens safety Stirrups - Various Colours

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The Tech Venice Young Safety Stirrups - older style
The Tech Venice Safety Stirrups have a revolutionary release mechanism that allows the opening an magnetic arm in the result of a fall and allowing the foot to escape. The arm returns to its original position due to the spring connecting the arm tot he rest of the stirrup. The strength of the spring and the two magnets on the arm, the arm stays secure when riding and only releases when necessary as a result of a weight load being placed on the arm.

The Tech Venice Young Safety Stirrups Tread:
The tread on all the Tech Stirrups have been designed with sharp angled pyramids to provide the perfect grip when riding. The treads are easy to clean as this design prevents the build up of mud and water as a result the treads can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The tread on the Tech Venice Safety Stirrups have a flat tread which is found on the Tech Aphrodite Stirrups.The Tech Venice Young Safety Stirrups do not have a weight limit, however, the tread size is only suitable for up to a UK foot size 3.

All Tech Stirrups designs are patented and are entirely produced in Italy. They are made of aluminium billet and fitted with stainless steel blocked screws. They are treated with a 20 micron anodization to preserve the quality and colour of the stirrups. All Tech Stirrups can be used on ordinary stirrup leathers. No special leathers are needed.

Main Features:
Weight: 390g;
Tread size: 106 mm long x 51 mm wide (4”).

They can be used in British Eventing, British Show Jumping, British Dressage.

These stirrups are recommended for use up to shoe size EU35 (UK 3), and up to a bodyweight of 35kg (ie up until the age of 7-9 years).