Safe-On Flex-on stirrups Inclined Ultra Grip tread - customisable

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Why we chose them:

  • Lightweight: strong but lightweight frame (450g) uses hi-tech design and polyamide composites with steel core
  • Innovative balance: clever offset and skewed stirrup-leather slot, plus carefully designed footbed, helps create the ideal position for rider's leg and foot
  • Shock absorbing: elastomer shock absorbers supporting the footbed plus flexibility built into the frame help absorb shocks and vibration 
  • Ultra-grip footbed: small studs embedded in the stirrup tread grip the boot to ensure excellent stability of ride and connection with the horse, without damaging boots.  Option of flat or inclined tread. 
  • Huge range of customisation options: Frame, elastomers & footbed all come in a variety of colours, allowing a vast range of combinations - e.g. to match your riding colours (see below). Plus the magnetic inserts are swappable to any of a large range of colours and designs  
  • Safety arm

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Flex-on have had trouble with manufacturing and customs are not in stock until September.