Nettex VIP Miracle Mare

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  • A non-magnesium supplement to support mares in season
  • Contains Wheatgerm Extract, proven to help with challenging oestrus associated behaviour in mares in as little as 48 hours* WGE has a prebiotic like functionality that optimises gut flora balance helping the body’s own mechanisms regulate themselves which in turn supports mares that may suffer with challenging oestrus-associated behaviour
  • With added B vitamins and natural botanical extracts including Chasteberry, Chamomile, Vervain and Red Clover to support healthy maintenance of the nervous system
  • Developed by world-leading veterinary surgeons and scientists
  • No added sugar formulation
  • Tested for a wide range of naturally occurring prohibited substances
  • Increases owners’ enjoyment of their mare during oestrus

*Trial published in the Vet Times 2016

V.I.P. Miracle Mare is to be mixed with feed once a day at approximately 24g depending on the weight of your horse or pony.

1 level scoop equals 12g.

Feed at the below rates:

Ponies 350kg – 18g /1.5 scoops

Horses 500kg -24g /2 scoops

Horses 650kg – 30g /2.5 scoops


Available in sizes:

1kg (approx. 40 days supply*)

2kg (approx. 80 days supply*)

*Based on 500kg horse.