Nettex VIP Hoof Builder

Nettex VIP Hoof Builder

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This V.I.P.® formula is Vet Approved and combines high levels of biotin with fundamental micronutrients necessary to support healthy, strong hooves and encourage hoof growth.

Benefits of Hoof Builder:

  • BIOTIN – Delivers 50mg Biotin per feed. Biotin fed at higher rates has been shown to improve the growth rate of hooves.
  • MSM – Source of bioavailable sulphur, essential for hoof strength.
  • METHIONINE, LYSINE AND CYSTEINE – Supports sturdiness and resiliency of the hoof.
  • CALCIUM, ZINC AND MANGANESE – Important trace elements for hoof integrity.
  • BREWER’S YEAST – Prebiotic to support a stable gut and optimal nutrient absorption.
  • LINSEED MEAL – Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids to maintain hoof, skin and coat condition.
  • VITAMINS – Comprehensive package to support hoof and overall health.
  • VET APPROVED – Formulated by veterinary professionals.
  • NO ADDED SUGAR – Highly palatable formula.
  • VISIBLE RESULTS – Can be seen in around 3 months although allow 9 months for the hoof to fully grow back.

Healthy hooves are of up most importance when it comes to your horse’s well-being. Poor hoof quality can lead to cracked and crumbling hooves.

Made in the UK.

Horses up to 500kg: Feed 30g per day

Horses over 500kg: Feed 40g per day

Ponies up to 300kg: Feed 20g per day