Nettex Supalyx Nimble

Nettex Supalyx Nimble

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A tasty feed, vitamin and mineral lick to support your horse or ponies overall wellbeing and joint health.

  • Includes Diamond V unique fermentation product, with a prebiotic function to help nurture hindgut microbial populations and support performance and overall health.
  • Specifically formulated for horses with joint and movement issues.
  • Contains Cod Liver Oil, Glucosamine HCL, MSM and Biotin.
  • High in naturally sourced protein to support muscle build and repair, healthy skin and coat, and colostrum development in mares. Provided from soya which is a rich natural source of the essential amino acid lysine.
  • Lower sugar, high in nutrition compared to some alternative licks.
  • Less mess, less waste.
  • Comes with a removable handle.
  • For use inside or outside.

Made in the UK.

Directions for use

  • For peak condition use all year round in order to supply essential nutrients, which may be deficient in pasture or forage.
  • Suitable for use in the stable or field and can be used in conjunction with a rubber tyre, a hanging manger or hard-wearing holder
  • Feeding guidelinesEstimated daily consumption:

    Ponies up to 300kg – up to 200g per day

    Horses up to 500kg – up to 300g per day

    Horses over 500kg – up to 400g per day

  • When feeding more than two horses additional buckets may be required to help discourage bullying.When feeding more than two horses additional buckets may be required to help discourage bullying.
  • Consumption will be influenced by the number of buckets per head, other feeds available, age of horse and proximity to water. Ensure ad-lib roughage and water are always available.
  • Can be fed to foals.
  • Do not feed to sheep.