Haas Diamond brush collection set

Haas Diamond brush collection set

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ğŸ’Ž diamond collection
We put these sets together designed with your horse in mind!

Diamond classic: a horse hair mixture is used for this brush. With sparkly back and diamond motif. The border is edged with longer black horse hair to get deeper into the coat. The shorter bristles for gentle cleaning and removing dust and giving gloss from the top coat.

Diamond wurzel cleaning brush

This brush is made of rice root bristles that remove stubborn dirt and sand with ease.

It also is a perfect match to the HAAS Diamond Gloss Brush.

Diamond Gloss

This soft body brush features super-dense black horsehair bristles

Ideal as a finishing brush and for removing fine dust and giving your horses coat a brilliant polish

Comes with a new generation curry comb and haas hoof pick. Colours may vary to photo.