HAAS BRUSHES - MS's 5 brush set white grey

HAAS BRUSHES - MS's 5 brush set white grey

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We put these sets together designed with your horse in mind!
Haas Schimmel Brush - A special brush with a mixture of tight coconut fibres that removes stubborn stains. Particually useful for grey and white horses.

Haas Fellglanzburste Brush - A light soft densely woven horsehair brush which fulfils all the needs for grooming and finishes witha  pampering effect - great for senstitive horses.

HAAS Welsh Brush - A brush made of pure grey horsehair. The unique combination of bristles makes this grooming brush a classic!

HAAS Parcour brush - A wooden backed brush with a mix of grey and black horse hair for a superior cleaning result

HAAS Military Brush - This brush has bristles made of strong, dark horsehair with a grey ring. The HAAS-Borstenfeld provide optimal care and cleanliness of the horse. The outside of the bristle ring is positioned slightly longer in order to give the finish the final touch of gloss, care and well-being

Brushes may have different supplier stamps eg Mackey or USG they are all genuine haas brushes and this allows me to sell them cheaper