Haas brushes - MS's Sensitive Skin 4 brush set

Haas brushes - MS's Sensitive Skin 4 brush set

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We put these sets together designed with your horse in mind!

  • The HAAS Fellglanzbürste Brush is made from soft densely woven short horse hair bristles. Effective on shorter coats and sensitive horses

  • Haas Grundy’s Finest brush, especially pure, soft Horsehair has been used to make this brush. The excellent density of this brush leaves nothing more to be desired. A Brush of the highest standards.super soft white horse hair for a perfect shiny coat

  • Robust mane and tail hair brush with slightly longer outer bristles for excellent grooming results

  • Haas Brush “Senior” Selected horsehair and natural bristles with the smallest amount of synthetic fibers have been used to manufacture this brush. The select combination of the bristles ensure that this brush has excellent cleaning properties

  • The super-soft HAAS Diva Ekclusiv brush is made from lambswool with a soft horsehair border, to provide a glossy finishing touch when grooming your horse.

Brushes may have different supplier stamps eg Mackey or USG they are all genuine haas brushes and this allows me to sell them cheaper