Haas brush set - MS's Pamper day 5 brush set

Haas brush set - MS's Pamper day 5 brush set

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We put these sets together designed with your horse in mind!
Schimmel: This Haas brush is made from a mixture of tight, strong coconut fibre bristles and removes dried on mud and stains from your horse’s coat. It is particularly useful for removing stubborn stains from grey or white horses.

Military Brush: This brush is made from strong dark horsehair with a grey outter ring which is slightly longer in order to give a glossy finish with care and well being

Haas Pinto brush. A high quality brush that bines white and black horsehair. This unusual design gives it a special visual effect on coloured horses

The HAAS Fellglanzbürste Brush is made from soft densely woven short horse hair bristles. effective gloss brush

Cavaliere brush: Robust mane and tail horse hair brush with slightly longer outer bristles for excellent grooming results