Ecorider inside rubber grip reins

Ecorider inside rubber grip reins

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    • Exquisite handcrafted leatherwork using the finest quality hypoallergenic tanned leather.

      A plain 5/8″ width plain rein with a bonded inside rubber grip, leather martingale stop and stainless steel billet hook fastening.

      A really useful rein where extra grip is needed without the bulky appearance of heavier full rubbergrip reins.

      Ideally suited to Dressage, show hunters & working hunters where the neatness of the bridlework  is important.

      EcoRider leatherwork has been carefully designed to work in harmony with your horse. Exquisite, handcrafted leatherwork is designed to reduce pressure in new and unique ergonomic designs. All EcoRider products are made using the finest, softest eco friendly leather that is tanned over 30days using barks such as oak, chestnut and hemlock. EcoRider leather takes so much longer to process than standard chemical tanning ensuring a soft yet strong leather that is handcrafted into the finest hypoallergenic leatherwork