Ecorider Freedom Double Bridle

Ecorider Freedom Double Bridle

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  • The Freedom Double Bridle is elegance itself, but with the anatomical and ergonomic features that make the EcoRider range so outstanding.

    The EcoRider Freedom Double Bridle, featuring an anatomically shaped noseband, the Freedom headpiece which has been designed to alleviate pressure from the nerve sensitive poll area, and a unique cut away design around the base of your horse’s sensitive ears.

    The headpiece is also further enhanced by the siting of the throat latch, sitting free to relieve pressure under the jaw and to keep the bridle in a more natural position.

    The overall effect is to significantly improve the wearing comfort for the horse due to reduced pressure on sensitive areas, thus allowing for greater harmony, communication and acceptance of the riders aids.


    • Poll relief padded headpiece with elastic panel which is cut away at the base of the ears.
    • Ergonomic throat latch to hang naturally and remove pressure from jaw.
    • Handcrafted rolled browband.
    • Elegant rolled cheek pieces.
    • Raised, Padded and Dipped noseband to follow the anatomical profile of the horse.
    • Made from finest quality vegetable tanned leather, which is so soft, flexible and strong.
    • Comes complete with 2 pairs of plain leather reins,