Beris Eggbutt Mullen Bit

Beris Eggbutt Mullen Bit

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This Beris mullen eggbutt snaffle is made from a soft flexible material, which is pleasant in the horse's mouth yet has a steel core for safety. It is particularly suitable for young or sensitive horses.

Beris bits are available in 13cm or 14cm, it has 75mm rings. Dressage legal.


The mullen mouthpiece is a very mild unvarying mouthpiece that puts pressure on the tongue and lips, as well as slight pressure on the bars depending on the size of the horse's tongue.

This bit is often useful for horses with a very soft mouth who don't like complicated mouthpieces. It can also be helpful for horses who back off the contact and need extra confidence in the bit.


The Eggbutt holds the bit in a stable position in the horse's mouth and has a gradual transition to the rings to prevent pinching.

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