Give your horse his shiniest coat ever this season with the patented range of HAAS grooming brushes, which leave your horse with a glossy, healthy and clean coat.

HAAS has specialised in the development and manufacture of horse grooming brushes since 1919. Their motto 'bespoke care' is shown through the selection of materials, manufacturing and final inspection.

The combination of specially selected bristles, craftsmanship and modern production technology ensures the quality and longevity of HAAS products, which are made in Germany.

HAAS brushes provide better hygiene (all products are washable), increased reliability, longevity, comfortable handling, water resistance, precision manufacturing, retention of bristles and shatter resistance.

During the manufacturing process the hand loop and bristles are directly incorporated with the body of the brush. There are no nails, spikes or screws - so no risk of injury. No glue is used, which means nothing can fall apart and the loops cannot break or become loose.

For durable, long-lasting grooming brushes that make your horse more glossy than ever - HAAS should be your first choice.